Back to Dongincheon

Here's one look at Dongincheon Station, which has been in a sorry state for as long as I've been coming here. I recall they did heavy renovations about a decade ago, and before that you could actually go inside and there were a few shops in the main floor.

Ajeosshi pigeons.

As we were walking through this square, we got a lot more catcalls from elderly people than usual. Last time we got none, maybe because of Harrow.

This picture appears to show the original Allen Villa, on top of the hill we'll be climbing today.

An antique train on display.

Down through the market.

I got a quick look at this horse, which seems like it may have arrived in the area as a streetside display for a nearby interior store that seems to specialise in making shapes. Maybe it started to get a bit damaged so they wanted to move it away.

Looks like nobody wants it.

A small corner for people to sit.

Sudden flashback to Edmonton.

Robert and Matt pose with the robot.

Looking down the accidental parking lot area.

One of the missionary-built schoolbuildings in the area.

I guess they don't use those stairs anymore.

Same with the window.

I've never seen it from the back before.

Random demolition nearby.

I hadn't ever noticed this building previously.

The roof is very Korean.

The gables are interesting.

A bit of a jump.

Eccentric dumplings.

Walking up the hill.

We found a shaman house.

Click for full size.

An interesting outfit.

Lit by flashlight.

Pretty harsh light.

So I aimed my flashlight at the ceiling.

I found a sword on the floor and set it here.

The harsh light makes the mural easier to see.

This was crumpled up on the floor.

Another look at the mountain spirit's tigers.

I couldn't quite get them all in one flashlight beam.


Another sword.

Time to keep going.

A look back.

Robert and Matt.

Robert was amused by that roof toilet, and I was amused by the stadium behind it.

A church.

Robert was careful walking over broken glass.

Pretty stark contrast.

A Cheondoist book.

Only one dog waiting for us at the gate.

More dogs over there.

Getting friendly.

Yeon Tae-seong, owner of the dog shelter, came out and I gave him some dog treats. He immediately walked off and started distributing them.

This mural that I noticed back in 2010 was still there. Another more artistic one around the corner is gone.

Down that way, there's demolition.

More dogs.

The Cheondogyo building, but we noticed the flag from the roof was gone -- only the Cheondogyo one, not the Korean flag.

Robert meets with Min Woon-gi of Space Beam.

This cat looks alarmed.

A map of the neighbourhood.

I don't get Korean puns very often, but this one made me laugh a lot.

That cat stood there contemplating the leap for quite a while.

A look at the roof of Space Beam.

Heading down after roof coffee.

More cats of Space Beam.

Baedari Monopoly?

I was sort of surprised by these apartment ads, posted in the entranceway to a Chinese restaurant we went to. I wonder how many times that model has been asked, "Do you come with the apartment?"

The sun is setting.

We jumped on an express train back to Seoul.

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