Line 8 Extension

This is on Ttukseom.

What's the deal with three-wheeled scooters? Is there some advantage?

This used to be a deep trench, and they laid down a subway tunnel and then covered over it.

Another opening.

A Volvo with eyes.

I went down one staircase, and found myself standing on top of a concrete base. I slowly realised this was the top of a subway tunnel.

Note where the concrete box-style tunnel connects with that presumably octagon straight ahead, indicating a switch to a tube tunnel.

The stairs come down right at the edge, and you do not want to fall off there.

Almost all the way up.

Safety warnings.

These pictures showed a few stages of subway tunnel excavation.

There is a lot of subway infrastructure being dug around here.

And this is going to be a subway station.

I liked how someone just labeled that construction equipment with black spraypaint.

I'm about six storeys underground, but they're still digging a large shaft nearby, probably the main entrance, and sunlight was getting in down here.

Bracing the wall.

Don't use your phone while working.

Whoops, wrong turn.

Subway platform.

Down that way somewhere is the end of Line 8. I'm curious how it currently connects with this tunnel.

Under the platform, I noticed many little spaces. It also seems like they're installing some electrical infrastructure down there, so probably not so safe.

This way leads further away, toward the Baal-rog's den.

I thought I heard voices ahead and retreated, but gave it another try and there was nobody.

Looking back the way I'd come, you can see where the box connects with the tube.

I wanted to follow the curve.

Down there it stretches straight over several kilometers outside the city, and goes under the river.

Time to head back.

My way up.

This, what could be a vent or an elevator shaft, held a staircase that was my way out.

This is another work site in the middle of a busy street. I didn't get any closer.

The Flower Titan.

I took this to remind myself of something.

This was probably more helpful.

If I were this guy and I lived in Korea, I'd be very embarrassed.

Another GTX worksite.

Imagine living in Hill House.

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