Common Plaza

Mano: Hand of Fate.

This was my way in. But as I later discovered, it was not a suitable way out.

What I saw inside.

I think this was a basement entrance.

Inside the lobby.

Some tiles removed.

A shadow of a second floor space.

This is probably up a floor or two.

Finally, the roof.

Still a nice roof garden.

A nice view of Namsan.

Looking all the way down.

There was an old window-washing train up here.

It would ride around on this track so that window washers could get at the windows.

Looking out over Namdaemun Market.

Click for full size.

I took this picture thinking the apartment building in the center left was Hoehyeon 2, but it's the one on the right side.

The last picture I took inside, showing a poster I guess was too high up to bother removing.

The area inside the front gate.

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