Punk Show at Studio HBC

It was pretty crowded outside.

It was packed inside, so I used some tricks to get to the front.

Rux was the first band, for some strange reason.

Jiha jumped on stage.

It was very sweaty inside so I left quickly.

I wanted to get a picture showing the size of the crowd outside, but there was a traffic jam ruining my picture.

Best I could do.

Bovver fell down and he couldn't get back up.

Back on his feet.

And about to do something painful.

It left a mark.

These two wouldn't put out cigarettes on their skin for some reason.

They were working on a band pose but Aaron ruined it by making it sexy.

Traffic cleared out but so did a lot of the crowd.

Next band was Galaxy Express, and while it was less crowded and energetic inside, it was still humid.

My camera wasn't doing well with all the humidity.

As soon as I saw the smoke machine I cleared out.

Outside is fun too.

The pizza starfish.

I ended up getting a phone call and had to sit down and do some work...next to the pizza starfish.

The new ownership of Kheiry Kebab.

I finished working just as 13 Steps finished.

At least I saw Today X Spot.

The crowd was still slightly pressurised.

So was the washroom line.

Outside again.

Across the street, I think they were part of our crowd too.


Looks like I caught Jonghee yawning.

Outside again.

The woman running the convenience store did a lot of work cleaning up that night. Probably she made a lot of money too.

This picture ended up in an article.

I can't remember the context of this. Had I run into paranormal investigators?

The mess after.

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