Here's the view from one street, showing some of the buildings about to be fenced off. A pretty classic Hanok.

That yellow facade is the front of Haenghwatang. I had to find a way to beat this fence.

This apartment building is also in the zone and totally closed.

Anyway here's what Haenghwatang looks like behind the fence.

A poster for one of their events.

Here's a look through the front window at the distinctive interior design.

And here's a look not through any window.

This is the interior room, where you can see a lot of writing on the wall.

I took several pictures of the wall art, which I'm going to assume was made as part of the farewell for this place.

The years that this was the arts venue I came to know.

Here's a look up at the ceiling, which I recalled admiring on my previous visit.

A back passageway.

This backroom was used as an art gallery on my previous visit. This time, it was mildly challenging to access.

I went out a back door of the place.

More art.

Back in.

Beer taps.

Another poster.

A narrow space.

They barred up this front gate at some point to precent entry. On the other hand, when leaving, it made exiting extra easy. Like I always say, fences are one-way.

The washroom door. I used that once or twice when it was still open.

That's the backdoor I came out of.

I climbed around back and found the place had more to it. Here's a previously unknown upper floor.

Not proud of that obvious merging error, but there's the smokestack.

Those kind of tiles.

This is a kitchen in a building behind Haenghwatang, that also seems to be branded Haenghwatang.

And it has an upper floor.

Here's the view out the back, looking over some of the other structures of the area.

Less nice.

A tiny weird space.

Newspaper scraps.

A better look at what's out back.

An old radiator.

The way around the building.

That's what I saw up there.

Stuff was pretty overgrown.

Concrete waterfall.

Back in that backroom, this structure appears to show the staircase up to that mysterious upper floor.

And there's the other side. The room up there wasn't that distinctive.

Here's a flowery path down to what might have once been a main entrance.

Do you see a face?

This is the parking garage entrance to the apartment complex.

And its front door.

Looking in through the front window.

How nice, a real estate office.

I went around back through this door.

Some teasets.

A bamboo spouse.

An odd picture of architecture I'm assuming doesn't exist like this.

Some kid's ride.

This area was overgrown but didn't lead me very far.

On my way back.

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