Press conference urging that the Enforcement Degree of the Act on the Guarantee of the Status and Rights of Artists protects all artists regardless of nationality

Here's a picture of the banner.

The guy speaking was one of the VIPs on Squid Game.

The Korea Times video crew.

A lot of passersby felt awkward about passing in front, but I kind of liked it. The only ones who did were those moving fast, like him, or others less aware.

I like the shirt but can't interpret it.

This is Barri Tsavaris, who spoke confidently and said some shocking things about how vulnerable artists can be manipulated into sex work.

He Facebook friended me right after the event.

Bereket came to Korea as an Ethiopian refugee, but I am assuming was granted status and now works here as an artist. He's the guy whose Facebook post reached me and got me to come out.

She was an arts student who didn't give her name.

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