There's Shiho mouthing off again.

Another wrestler comes out.

He was more popular, probably because he didn't speak English.

And Shiho just kept diggin himself into a deeper hole.

Ryan was mouthing off to him quite a bit.

Shiho is about to get bumped.

One less place to sit.

Nobody helped him.

I dare anyone to try this move in a street fight.

Not too sure how we came to this.

Shiho has him bound.

Exchanging fingers with Ryan.

Campaigners walk past outside carrying signs for the education superintendent. I would have thought this wouldn't be allowed during early voting, but guess not.

Time for match two.

These guys.

Are his shinguards showing bujeok?

Things get tense with Ryan.

They were splashing water on each other.


Shiho grabbed a weapon and beat them.

All while singing along to "My Way."

Then another wrestler came out.

And things kind of equalised.

And the tables were turned.

Then the fight spilled out onto the street.

They started fighting each other in the alley.

Note that Chris was absent this day.

The person in the background who's clearly a wrestler is Duncan Solaire, who we wrote about also here.

And then Duncan jumps in.

A kick.

The people at Kheiry were wary.

A couple PWS belts.

Back inside, Shiho means business.

But Ryan isn't having it.

And things quickly don't go his way.

He gave a long weepy speech from the mat.

Then as punishment, they lined him up to hit him.

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