North Ahyeon-dong

Years earlier, back in 2010, I got inside this closed academy.

A nice wall mural somewhere else, that clearly shows not Korea.

Looking up at the academy, with the domed spires.

I wandered around and found another side to this hill I'd never noticed before.

That terraced area that appears to be fenced off is, I believe, over top of a Gyeongui-Jungang Line tunnel.

It's run down and there's vacancy but I wouldn't call this area abandoned.

Pretty steep grade.

I've been seeing this an increasing amount lately. It seems like where there are patches of exposed dirt, they end up filled with cat crap. I suspect this might be a pest control solution, in which dirt is left out to lure cats to drop off their crap in a concentrated area. But I could be wrong, and just invented something useful.

I was impressed by the confidence they had in that pile of tiles.

A tin can in a wall.

A look at clashing wall styles.

Hanok on the bottom, boring modern lid to the roof.

A sign of definite vacancy.

This is probably another look at the space over the tunnel, which I never ended up glimpsing.

An iconic-looking street.

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