Oh yeah, I trust nice guys with scissors near my neck.

A fairly rundown house.

Tape to stop me. I let it.

This "Carving" branded scooter is very close in design to my Besbi. I felt sort of guilty leaving my bike in the same parking garage for a short while.

First of all, I haven't seen Totoro in a few years, not since his home in Singeumho was torn down. Secondly, what does that graffiti look like it says? First glimpse is "SEX" but then I looked and realised it simply said "SUDO X" meaning water has been shut off.

That looks like Millie.

That looks like a guy who's going to get fucked up by Santa's reindeer.

Or turned into Santa with Miss Marvel powers.

What is it with the demented Christmas imagery?

Three Little Pigs, an interesting choice for an endangered neighbourhood.

Interesting how they painted those surfaces.

Beauty behind piled trash.

What is it with me and abandoned foosball tables lately?

Heading back down.

What you want to see when reaching for the fire extinguisher.

It totally looks reminiscent of "SEX."


When I saw this one, the actual meaning became crystal clear.

And there's Buster.

Then I found a second abandoned neighbourhood nearby.

The retaining wall.

Lots of demo already.

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