Printing Transactions

We showed off a copy of the latest Transactions, to a rapt crowd of Korean friends in the shop.

She had questions for Steve about Korean money.

I lined up Matt and Steve for a promo photo.

This is the Korea Times-friendly photo.

This one shows them looking a little stern. Maybe I told them to say kimchi.

This is the one where people might start to ask questions about why someone is an editor for both.

Our latest cover.

And the table of contents.

A picture that turned out blurry, maybe an anti-counterfeiting subroutine in my camera.

I always try to have a secret weapon in every issue of Transactions, someone who's brought in to present something new and interesting. This year was Luisa on signboards.

South Koreans who had survived the A-bombs in Japan.

My own contribution was about the (surprisingly young) tradition of RAS Korea afterparties. I like how this picture appears with that passage right above it.

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