Incestual Lust

Their bassist.

Their drummer.

Their very enthusiastic audience, which I think is largely thanks to Bovver.

Bovver even got to sing for a song.

Then he did some crowdsurfing at a beach with no real surf.

Then Matt did a song.

Finally, a picture of their frontman.

I was less wasted than them, but certainly not sober.

I love the concept of crowdsurfing with such a small crowd, and feel like there's a Hard Times article idea somewhere in there.

So apparently the band ran into this old guy on the train on teh way to the show, and he was excited about seeing live music so they followed him here. He really seemed to be enjoying himself, and he brought his daughter along. That was pretty cool, but in an interview later, the band mentioned they didn't tell these two the band name.

I didn't figure out who he was, or I did and forgot.

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