RAS Korea Not Garden Party

I took this shot looking at the rooftop shack.

The British ambassador speaks.

This is the award ceremony for our essay contest.

And one with the sign.

Here's the general crowd.

This guy was the coffee guy.

He brought along a soprano.

Brother Anthony gave a poetry reading.

Then there was a performance with Jocelyn and someone I think was described as a pansori master.

I had to show the crowd.

The legendary pushcart that has been in RAS Korea longer than I've been alive.

Then we got a pansori performance, a passage from Heungboga.

Later there was Jindo Arirang, and then as an encore performance in the form of Ganggangsullae.

Then I was tasked to take a group photo.

After, it was pointed out I was absent from the picture, so Nicole or Jody or someone offered to take a picture of me with the group. I opted for this picture of me with some of the senior RAS executives, plus David.

Next was a daegeum performance.

Also fans were given away.

After a break for lunch, JiHoon led us on a quick tour around the area.

That palatial structure in the distance is a chintzy wedding hall, and I'd like to point out I've crawled up all inside that thing, although in doing so I missed a Billy Carter performance.

James Scarth Gale.

In a humbler alley.

Jocelyn certainly looks out of place, in a cinematic sort of way.

"You can't find dog meat restaurants in Seoul anymore."

An abandoned building I did not get inside. Looking at it, I think I could climb on that bit of wall, get on top of that awning, and slip through that second-floor window. Apologies for the white blind spot due to some photo limitations, but in this case I thought it was better to present the full image.

The door was piled up with that stuff.

This singing room turned out to be a hit among our discussions.

Yeah nice window.

This pair looked displeased.

And it got worse.

Just a couple hours earlier we were listening to a performance of Jindo Arirang, and now this.

And ahead is the Christian Building, where we're returning.

When we returned, we took another group shot, that had a number of different faces from the previous one.

Meeting for the first time.

JiHoon and Robert were having a heated conversation, but what makes this picture is Sounion's gesturing.

There's that recently flattened lot.

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