Around Downtown

A pretty clear case of a building shadow.

Here's the Sewoon walkway, passing by the one grey building that doesn't have the third-story walkway. This structure is entirely disconnected from the building.

And this appears to be a protest sign.

A pretty popular area.

Here's the other walkway on the other side. If they're not going to do these things perfectly, maybe they should have only done one. I don't see the benefit of having two parallel walkways that don't meet at all.

A view from the deck.

Anyway, I climbed anotehr staircase to get up onto the still-unopened walkway.

I mean, picturewise, it's not too different from pictures taken behind the line.

Looking north.

I did appreciate this view which shows the wall of buildings stretching all the way down there, and I can identify the buildings in the distance past Jongmyo as the SKKU campus.

Presumably crazy protesters.

Traffic light closed for construction.

The Gwanghwamun KT building is going down.

Ever see that airstream on the rooftop of that building across the way? How did it get there? What's it doing up there? How does one get to it? I did not get answers to any of these questions.

The newer KT building also has a construction fence, but I suspect they're just doing landscaping.

Old Jongno-gu Office.

This is a GTX construction site.

This road seems to have become pedestrian-only.

I got into this place in my search for a roof.

Here's a roof view showing the airstream from the other side.

Zoomed in slightly.

A Cass poster in the abandoned top floor of the building I was in.

For context.

There were a few rooms.

A closer look at the work they're doing on Gwanghwamun.

I can't quite read it from here, but will wait patiently to figure out what it says.

Hopping down.

I walked along looking for more information.

They sure have their rest stops.

There was a sizeable lineup for whatever was happening in Sejong Center

The path toward the US Embassy.

And a look at the KT Building with King Sejong.

I was interested in the base of the Sejong statue, which looks pretty damaged. Not like it's historical or anything.

It's neat that this central passage is offered to the public.

A closer look at the base. Those doors do lead to an underground museum complex that is probably connected with Sejong Center.

The new plaza.

Looking back at Sejong Center.

The National Museum Of Korean Contemporary History always has a mesmerising display.

This picture sums it up: some Park Sa Mo fuck with all his Korean and American flags, dwarfed under the US Embassy flag and another notable one it's displaying proudly.

I liked the squiggly lines around the letters.

A look from the Sejong Center steps across at the KT Building.

And just the KT Building.

A leaking food trash bag.

One more view of Seoul Square.

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