Jongmyo-Changdeok Park

This cat was bent into this shape.

I used to sneak into this site by scrambling up a rough slope, but now there's an elevator.

This wall looks like new materials.

There's now a gate. To the left through it, I guess ultimately, might become Jongmyo.

And to the right, down there, will be Changdeok Palace. Will the two touch? Will there be a public area in between?

An IV bag for trees.

I was not joking: this is basically an IV bag.

Oh look, a section of some sort of authentic old wall. There is no sign up yet to explain what exactly this is.


This is through the new traditional gate.

Here is a spot where the wall seems to switch from new to older.

In the brush I could hear someone moving very loudly. I stopped and was able to observe this beast.

The majority of my friends think it's some kind of raccoon dog suffering mange. A small minority say chupacabra.

A stack of tiles.

A little gutter.

And that gate.

It's a culvert.

Here's a look at the tunnel entrance on the east side.

Click for full size.

Here's the ugly grey building in the Sewoon complex.

And how did I not notice this before? The place where everyone leaves their garbage is right under a "no garbage" sign.

Morgan stopped by and showed off this bracelet he'd been wearing.

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