The first band was General Crisis.

A small but active mosh pit.

A group photo outside with Rumkicks.


Next band was A Lone Wolf Elegy Club.

They turned out to be two members.

Probably anybody could pick up Bovver.

Okay, more impressive.

A camera duel with Jonghee.

I talked with them about a show on July 29, but it won't work out due to Rumkicks going to the UK.

Next band was Punk on Fire.

Oh crap, looks like a fight.

Well, this is how some species fight.

Resting up for later.

These guys are the best at skeleton crew crowd surfing.

Next band was Shining Cocks.

Waltzing through.

Bovver contorts himself.

As much as I might respect makgeolli, I don't think there's a single brand I would chug.

Next was Rumkicks.

Now the shirts start to come off.

You know you're looking at a member of Pogo Attack when they have a kid.

Another pretty good Rumkicks group photo with one foreign friend.

Next band was Pogo Attack.

Edaeng was wearing what looked like a ratty backpack.

Jonghee watched from the side of the stage.

Jonghee switched sides of the stage.

I don't have any particular complaints fashion-wise, but why not just take it off?

At some point I wandered on stage.

Some pretty threatening auras here.


Jiha gets a neon wrestling mask.

This might be the start of SBW Riders' set.

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