K-Outlet, a new one for the K-Iceberg.

This is the smokestack of an abandoned factory I couldn't get into.

The future.

There's the entrance to the closed road to Baedari. They had changed it so I couldn't drive my scooter in there this time, and I saw an SUV driving around behind the barrier. On the other side, I later saw workers active on site.

Dong Love.

Part of an old house.

Not much remains of Ugakro.

Nobrain Hills?

At Sudoguksan Museum of Housing and Living.

Then I took a picture of Olga.

One house had a video showing pro wrestling.

Olga handles yeontan.

Then my turn.

There was a nearby children's daldongnae experience center, which had really impressive murals all over the walls.

Olga walks down wearing an A-frame.

Carrying some yeontan.

I carried more.

Learning how to make yeontan.

It didn't come out right.

You can see the rest of it still in that tool.

This mural was impressive, lighting up to simulate night.

Statue of Shin Jeong-hee.

In front of the missionary house, where we were told they have two weeks left. They were down to 20 dogs.

Dongincheon Station.

A market behind the station.

I drove by this and was left wondering, "What is Olim Pizza and why should we ban it?"

Another look at Ugakro.

I followed the tracks.

The missionary house. I'd been wondering if a mural was still on this side, but it appears it was made with wheatpaste and it's long gone.

So much destroyed.

House on a ledge.

This was a different house.



Another look at the house on a ledge.


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