Punk Show

Huh, I wonder what's happening down there.

In the increasing tradition for HBC punk shows, the biggest band of the night, Rumkicks, started first.

Worth noting that they all had their hair down for this show.

The boys still liked it.

One thing I like about Phillies is the small stage makes the drummer seem a lot closer to the crowd. MJ seemed to enjoy being photographed.

They tried to recreate a now probably famous picture.

Not the same.

Next band was Get to the Point.

Somebody dropped a bunch of change on the floor, it seems.

This guy, who was there promoting his Diazable brand, turned out to be a berserker on the dancefloor.

I never got a kick photo timed perfectly.

Time for 18Fevers.

Bovver is easy to photograph.

So much so, I turned the flash off.

So much so, I kept taking funny pictures.

This is probably the queerest picture I've taken.

Bovver just decapitates a guy with a pack of cigarettes.

Jiha showed up, but he seemed kind of nonchalant. I figured it was because he needed beer so I bought him one, but it turned out he'd just had too much already.

The last song of 18Fevers sets is the wardrobe malfunction one.

Bovver took the stage next.

It took a while to get set up due to some problem with the guitar.

Here's the setlist.

Still squatting and drinking beer nervously.

Now he's standing.

Now he needs Jiha to handle vocals.

Now, maybe Hunter?

He gets everybody to sit down for story time.

Rumkicks lent an instrument.

The show must go on!

Jiha just fucking grabs his face.

Okay fuck it, Jiha's in the band.

Pause for a drink and to study the cheat sheets.

"The stage is over there!"

Then Bovver stepped aside for his bandmates to play a song without him.

He was busy playing Jesus.

I highly respect his gurning skills.

Wish we could see what was branded on his forehead. Yeah, I know it says "Red Rock," but it's more fun to use imagination.

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