Seoul Queer Culture Festival

City Hall is in the distance, and I can hear noises from both sides of this street showing that the celebration and the condemnation are both happening.

The Christians had some pretty heavy equipment.

Note that if you see a person's face, it might just mean they were walking by. Also, that flag does seem to be hardcore insane Park Sa Mo.

The Christians' arguments rarely ever went beyond "Cuz Jesus said so."

Korean, American, and Israeli flags were on display.

Wake up people! The current communist era is turning into chaos!!

These Sodom and Gomorrah banners seemed to be especially common this time around.

"Against Fags." I'm back to translating "dongseongae" as "fags" when it's on their signs.

I can't quite see the whole sign but it seems to be against sexual equality education and the anti-discrimination law.

The whole street was covered in the freaks.

Not all were elderly.

Those red whistles caught my attention. I never figured out exactly what they meant, but yes I did get my hands on one.

Pretty sure Disney isn't the Holy Spirit. Although maybe that would be an improvement.

Was curious why I saw a rainbow. Turns out it was for raincoats.

Yeah, so they hate the new US ambassador.

"I condemn Rep. Park Joo-min for proposing the bad equality law. Fake human rights, fake equality, fag dictatorship law."

From on top of Seoul Hall of Urbanism and Architecture I could get a slightly elevated view of the area.

This shirt is queer, isn't it?

"Against fags and gay marriage."

Tents of organisations that support family values, which I assume means disowning sexual minorities.

No to love.

Honestly the signs this year are a lot less creative, and I can't be bothered to rtanslate them all.

Mostly the same old garbage over and over.

"Please leave us alone" but I have no idea what the context could possibly be.

Would have been curious to take that quiz.

"L*VE" with a puckered asshole for the O.

Wish I got a clearer shot of this one.

Meh about this one, just basic Christianity.

Clearer view, but I still don't get it. Seems to be just about some legal thing I don't know, between the Constitutional Court and a military training center in Nonsan?

Disappointed some pictures were blurred, but still sharing.

Oh good, the Fish Crew is here.

"No! Anti-Discrimination Law" seems to be pro-the law.

Just a basic claim the anti-discrimination law would ruin the country. I'd like to hear how, and would like to clarify that even if Christians were punished for their discrimination, it would probably not be bad for the country at all.

One of the cops seemed to have saluted directly at me.

Approaching the plaza from the east, which this time was fairly low-activity.

There were still these freaks but they were a minority.

I was walking and had to pull out my camera again to take this photo, which made the dude smile.

The cops were dealing with this dude.

Maybe this is convincing to Christians, but as a non-Christian I just don't give a shit.

The only pictures I took within the event were directed at the diplomats on stage.

I think he was someone at the Australian Embassy, not the ambassador, and he said Australians liked to party.

"In my country, we have traveled the journey from out there to in here, so we know that marriage equality and equality in society is possible. Never ever give up the hope that it can happen," Irish Ambassador Clare said referring to the hate groups outside the plaza.

"The forces around us today show that this fight is still very important" (can't remember who said it, but the one after the NZ ambassador)

Looks like the Christians were getting ready to execute someone.

The only people on record calling the new US ambassador gay are Duterte and Korean Christians.

I started driving around the area.

Cops stop traffic.

Traffic control.

These freaks beared a closer look.

Closer pictures showed young children wearing camouflage, as part of "ROK Jesus Army."

Do Christians ever stop thinking about butt stuff?

As I headed up the road, a few parade floats turned in front of me. Was I in the parade?

Not exactly.

I came across this dude who thought he was better off blockading a parade.

Further up ahead of the parade.

One of the advance parts of the parade was this big rainbow flag. It seems like now it was already raining.

As soon as they started moving, it started raining heavily.

The cops moved along with the parade.

An ambulance apparently needed to get through. I wonder what that was about. It seemed to turn away from the parade pretty soon.

This cop wanted us to get down from the subway vent. Everyone up here with me seemed to be media, and none of us were budging. He gave up.

All the reporters took pictures of him over there. Also, note the barricade to the right.

I wondered if I could jump on my scooter and join them, but probably not.

"Rainbow Jesus" -- I think I recall this truck playing religious music.

There were a number of nuns among the parade.

And of course drag queens.

They had some kind of smoke bomb.

I took shelter, but this one dude stood out at the police barricade holding that sign.

Quite a lot of Christians were gathered across the street.

Around then my camera started to malfunction, and my pictures started looking like this.

Best I could tell, water got inside the lens and did weird things to the aperture.

I was able to take this picture using high film speed.

Last picture, I saw a guy and a nun walking back the way they'd come. Not that the picture shows it.

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