Metal Stands with Ukraine

I showed up in time to see the end of Zihard.

Then Dreamy Europa came out.

This gallery is mainly going to be a lot of pictures of Nikolai.

Him headbanging.

The audience had a fair number of Ukrainian flags, and one guy wearing vyshyvanka.

I could not read what the shirt on the left said.

Then Nikolai was joined on stage by a Ukrainian woman who must have been six and a half feet tall.

This is almost how tall she is next to him.

He told me later she's not a basketball player but a psychologist.

I moved to the other side to avoid a microphone shadow on her face. Note how from this angle, Nikolai looks to be about her height, even though he's much closer to the camera.

He started waving a flag which was a bit challenging to photograph.

Every time he started headbanging, I'd wait for him to pop up out of it.

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