Sharp Sharp Knives

This building appeared to have fire damage, the second such case I'd seen since coming back the day before.

The view out the window of the Black Dog.

There was a transgender crosswalk, but no Christians on either side blocking people.

The opening act was Del Boy Druid, who was sufficiently entertaining.

Here he is in his van.

Luke revealed that he was there that day with his towel of the Cheongju band Same Shit (which I totally don't remember.

Anyway, it turned out the Sharp Sharp Knives' aesthetic was brightly coloured suits.

Luke is one of those guys whose performance style I would have always described as "teacher rock," but not in a bad way.

He still teaches, mentioning to me he's a grade 6 teacher now.

I'm pretty sure my dad had more fun than this picture makes it seem.

Their setlist. And yes, 6 was a Britney cover.

Luke ended the set with a quick stomp.

Last we saw the Goodsons.

As we were leaving, we noticed a fork embedded in the road.

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