The Mall

Seeing a weed store advertised this prominently was a little jarring to me.

Not as jarring as the Wild West Shooting Range.

Oh yeah, why wouldn't I want to turn around to go back to where my friend died violently?

I took a lot of shots of the Deep Sea Adventure Lake, a name that seems to no longer hold any meaning.

And here's the World Waterpark, where I would have wanted to go if I were skinnier and there was not a pandemic.

Here's Europa Boulevard, which I remember not really being good for anything, other than the mini-golf course one floor down.

And here's the mini-golf course.

In this food court they had a "Gangnam" which served street food, but no hired goons to chase them away; not authentic

Here's a closer look at the menu. None of these are K-Iceberg worthy simply because they're not hyphenated.

Another look at the lake.

This fountain was on the way toward the skating rink.

Which we are at now.

Click for full size.

Click for full size.

I hadn't seen this tepee before.

Here's the whale statue, which used to be in a much more central position.


Belive it or not, this was the destination for my very first field trip. In grade 1, my class was taken to a Taco Time at basically this location, to learn about Mexico while we were in a Mexico unit in social studies.

Oh look, another Korean restaurant.

A closer look at the menu. I can't vouch for the flavours but none of this has a particularly Korean resentation other than the bibimbap.

Next I wandered into Galaxyland, or whatever it's called now.

Here's the roller coaster that killed three people in 1986. Click for full size.

I doubt I could ever go on this ride.

These ones, sure.

I liked the style of this elevator sign that I made a point of returning to it later to take this picture.

Treaty 6

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