Whyte Ave

These buildings were made after a fire several years ago.

I wonder what they sell there.

I entered the Fringe area.

There weren't any buskers around, so I took interest in the food tents and trucks. At first I thought that was hotteok, but it wouldn't have green onion. Apparently green onion cakes are a local delicacy.

I remember at one point going to Orange Hall for a punk show.

K-soda and K-popcorn chicken could qualify for the K-Iceberg.

I glanced at the streetcar schedule.

This is the streetcar stop.

And there it goes.

The group on the left was on a guided tour and the guide was talking about the uses for Orange Hall in the past. I sort of wanted to butt in that I saw Death by Dawn play there.

If I was hungry I would have tried this.

I left the Fringe and wandered around Whyte Ave a bit.

The Strat still exists, but sounds like it is no longer like the place I used to drink at.

So it's not just Korea that turns everything into a "-holic."

I was suspicious this place was named after Lucifer.

Oh look, Mormons.

And 3 Girls.

Sheri's shirt said "On my way to fuck your dad."

And here's my dad.

Hugs between old Indecline people.

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