Driving Around

There's the Coliseum.

With an LRT.

And the downtown core in the distance.

This is an old control tower for the defunct city center airport.

The area was sort of parkland.

We went for Korean food at Hansik. The galbi was radically different from what we get in Korea, but the kimchi jjigae was spot on.

Next we went back to the airport site.

That's an odd building.

Looking across the former airport toward downtown.

So you can see how remote it is.

So you can really see.

So you can really really see.

Meanwhile, Ester was waiting at the car.

So you can really really really see. Click for full size.

Chinatown gate.

MacDonald Hotel.

The neon sign museum. We noticed it had Movie Studio, which I used to go to a lot before I moved away.

Some of the signs.

Yep, there's a gay bathhouse.

This building apparently used to be a gay bar, and now houses the Canadian Border Patrol.

Those skyscrapers might not have been around in those days.

The building entrance still has traces of a rainbow flag on the ground.

We started to see a dramatic sunset.

The library tank at sunset.

Now hiring.

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