Vancouver Airport.

The word "grooming" triggers me after a recent controversy at work.

I got a vague glimpse from the road of this house that looked like it was being buried in dirt.

The view from my sister's roof.

There was a lot of construction in the area.

My sister's cat.

My sister remarked that the sign didn't look that clean.

Some Korean businesses next door.

The apartment buildings don't look South Korean, so I couldn't ever shake the impression they looked more North Korean.

I saw a few ridges around here lined with houses, and it gave me the impression of a moon village. I wonder what Koreans coming here for the first time would think seeing this.

I saw this from the Sky Train.

More construction near downtown.

An Olympic stadium.

We took a ferry.

There was a barge that had washed up on a seawall, near what is now called Barge Chilling Beach.

One of my friends actually lives somewhere up there.

Another view of the barge.

We stayed in the water until we were hit by one large wave.

We were admiring the tree up on the roof.

Somehow my camera ended up taking 44 rapid-fire shots, so I put them together into this animated gif. Give it a run through and it speeds up.

This pattern is apparently made by Douglas Coupland.

Frightening statues.

That one sort of looks like a dragon.

This might upset some K-pop fans.

A pertty weird-looking safeway.

I was sort of tempted to go here.

A pretty intricate art deco design.

North Van.

We went to Black Frog, which is apparently inspired by Black Dog in Edmonton, but has food.

I wish this picture was less blurred.

Apologetic bus.

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