We went to a mall in Coquitlam.

This sorry bus is run by the NIS.

Another attempt to shoot the dirt house.

We found out blackberries were in season.

I noted that this sign seemed to be false advertising, until I saw the small print.

Two shopping carts humping.

My sister's building.

Some well-placed graffiti along the edge of a large excavation.

Another large excavation.

I notied this one demolition site seemed to have only one thing left standing: a fireplace. The next day it was gone.

View from the Sky Train.

I have doubts this could be an actual full Hyundai Department Store.

"Find Yourself in a Better Space" on a building undergoing demolition.

Some interesting art.

This one will have to go on the K-Iceberg.

Smoking outside.

Me and Rob.

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