Dirt House

I decided to pick blackberries.

Another construction site.

A store for Korean bathroom appliances.

That house looks in bad shape.

Finally, I could see the dirt house up close.

There was also a buried truck.

I went around to the back to see if anyone was there.

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The back was partially buried.

No easy entrance through this door.

A look inside.

The roof.

More blackberries. I had one.

Front entrances. The door was wedged shut by the dirt.

So I looked in through the window. Lots of barrels.

I stepped inside and nearly lost a shoe in the soft mud.

I could not tell if the barrels were empty or full.

Another door.

I yanked my shoe out of the mud and had to escape over that.

I got a slurpee that had the taegeuk in it by accident.

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