Subway Extension

I saw what looked like a temple in an otherwise normal building.

Here's a big open exavation.

That's the headquarters for the workers. Just like last time, I saw a door open, so there are probably some people there.

But anyway, there's also this yawning chasm.

I went down and up, and when I returned to the surface, I saw what looked like a subway construction worker walking away and took this picture. I turned around and saw three other subway construction workers heading right for me. They were going home at the end of the day and didn't even notice me.

I believe they came out of this entrance.

In the side of the headquarters building, there was a door for the men's room and a door for the no men's room.

Here's what it looks like at the bottom of that excavation. The whitish slope at the far side is where it pours down to.

The subway tunnel already has tracks, and this safety line.

It was harder to get around than last time.

They had their own vehicles.

I'd planned to bring a skateboard down here to get around faster, but this is the next best thing.

Looking back.

Going farther.

400m in.

Here's the straightaway where it goes under the river. I don't think I went far enough to be under the river.

Looking back.

I liked that they used the ugly green striped blanket.

Back there again.



Another type of vehicle.

I decided to continue in the opposite direction up the tunnel, toward what I knew would be the ass end of Line 8 where it's active. I was curious to see how the two segments would interface.

It was a long, unnerving walk.

The end is in sight.

This is looking backwards, down what I disovered was a third set of tracks that popped up in the middle.

Here it is from farther away. I guess the middle one is for trains to park and/or turn around.

But anyway, there's still this wall ahead.

I went up to the wall, and saw a door to the left. When I went through, it became apparent I was looking into an active subway tunnel.

So time to go back.

Under a subway vent.

Back at the station platform.

No Touch.

On the platform.

Accident-free record board.

Here's the bottom of that huge excavation.

There's a 45-degree slope for several storeys, and then this ugly drop, with only this ladder. Going up, my shoes were a bit wet, losing their grip.

Another odd building somewhere south of the river.

An odd cloud formation.

MeMeWe Gangnam

This is the wreckage of Sampyo Cement, which I'm really sad I missed out on.

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