Quite a nondescript building, until you see those lotus lanterns in the windows on the top floor.

Oh crap.

Hey, they named a building after me!

Time to start crawling through the guts of this area.

Handpainted sign advertising half prices.

There were packs of gim inside, something I got a few days earlier as a Chuseok gift.

I'm not too sure why a PC room would have stuffed animals.

The white machine is where you pay for internet time.

Looking away from the windows.

Audio solutions.

Standing in front of the window looking back. I think I didn't use a flash for this one, but could be wrong.

The mats at each stall had flags on them.

Looks like some sort of flag-defiling headquarters.

Yeah it's always the pretty women who defile the flags.

British too.

Wires too! And wires actually do things.

This creature seemed to agree with me on flag etiquette.

One more look at them.

I could be wrong but I think this is a Charmander.

Another one of those machines.

A PC mouse king.

Up one floor, I found the goshiwon.

Here's a hallway of rooms.

It's hard to represent just how small these rooms are in a conventional photo. They're like half the size of my bed.


A ream

The top floor was shamanistic.

November 2016?

I entered the shaman bedroom, and there was a horrible wailing coming from what sounded like a cat, somewhere back there.

I started opening wardrobe doors, starting from the left. When I got to the last one, I opened it and this striped thing flapped in my face. At the exact same second, the cat that had been hiding behind the wardrobe skittered out and made a break for the door. It was a bit startling, but considering I was alone in a shaman's abandoned home looking for the source of a wailing, I think I handled it pretty maturely.

Some lanterns and stuff.

A safe.

There's the altar.

A closer look at the hanging lotus lanterns.

Some damaged.

Some had personalised messages.

Couldn't even start to guess what these said.

Someone drank a lot on the roof.

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