Abandoned Hotel

Here's the front. There's now a real estate sign, but I don't think it's about here.

I found a snowman in the lobby.

The front desk.

This was several floors up.

A pitch-dark room that was a little daunting.

Finally I got up to the level where there are suites, to find they are all still fully furnished, except maybe comforters.

But also art.

Self-portrait sort of ruined by the TV.

Some rooms had evidence of a party.

The hallway.

Up to the sixth floor.


Annother in a better-lit place.

The view from the roof.

The view of the roof.

I liked that crooked painting.

A panorama that got compressed.

Another untidy room.

Tidy but one bed.

I think this was a penthouse suite.

Here's how it looks from across the road.

And there's the development next to Sewoon Sangga.

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