Here's a map of the area.

I got into the narrow space behind the building. Pretty sure I can't get up to that open window.

I found another door, which seemed to indicate one of the tenants of this building.

Look who's here!

An old TV.

It was mostly empty so most of the interesting sights was walls and doorways.

This certainly seemed like it had never been a temple.

Something to do with first aid, related to the scouts.

Is this better?

Logo for a 1994 scouting jamboree.

Lackadaisical blinds.

The floor was not clean in most places.

The jar room.

I didn't go in that room.

Peeling paint.

Top floor.

Jamboree 1991 logo. This one I have encountered.

I've encountered SITRA 1984 and 1986, but not 1988 -- I guess more interesting things were happening that year.

From the roof, I saw other abandoned buildings.

And a chimney.

This turned out to be a church.

Looking down to where I entered.

There was a ladder that went down a couple rungs, and then just gave up.

That ladder down on that landing also seemed like a dead end, although I didn't get close enough.

That's why I didn't get close enough.

Blue double doors.

U.S> Livers?

More peeling paint.

I had to get out by navigating this.

A sign outside.

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