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Short stories about a fictional punk house in Edmonton

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Phone Photos 1

For this year I've once again gone through the photos on my smartphone. I've started relying on it much more, and there are way more photos than previous years.

In the first gallery, we can see 2020 before the pandemic took hold, plus my own unrelated hospitalisation and the recovery after, with lots of cat photos.

I'm surprised there aren't a lot of food photos, because I remember enjoying food more than usual after I got out of the hospital. But I guess most of it was delivery, and that doesn't make for very good pictures.

You can see signs of the pandemic, although I had my own problems to deal with so it didn't affect my life very much yet.

Phone Photos 2

The second gallery starts in the spring, and you can see I'm getting more active. I returned to work and started exploring again, plus had my zine exhibited in an art gallery.

There are a lot of photos of that area of Insadong that was demolished, as I took the best pictures on my phone and only went back later to reshoot on my camera when the lighting wasn't as good.

You can see a lot of pictures from Buster's birthday, where we went outside on an adventure and Buster got to see the city wall up close.

Also there are a lot more food-related images.

Phone Photos 3

The third gallery covers summer going into fall. More interesting things were happening and it seemed like life might return to normal. It didn't but we had a few good moments.

There are a lot of photos at the start of this gallery from a survey I did for a friend overseas related to gadgets.

This was also the period where we had record amounts of rainfall which led to serious flooding.

Phone Photos 4

The last gallery focuses especially on the cats, especially Buster who suffered a hematoma in his ear and needed two surgeries. He really suffered, especially with wearing bandages and a lampshade, but as he healed quickly I started to get a little jealous.

The cats also spent a lot more time at the computer, and we made a zine together called "Cats on Keyboards" so they're expecting to become famous writers. This was also while I was getting Broke Publishng up and running, and I figure my chances are about as good as the cats'.

25 December 2020


For K-mas, I went to a bookstore. It was closed, so I came back the day after. The store itself has an impressive collection, very different from Kenektid with more of a focus on art, and its prices are higher.

20 December 2020

Broke Santa

Santa started delivering copies of Broke Publishng's books, but due to a lack of chimneys he didn't have much luck.

18 December 2020


I revisited a roof with an elaborate Santa plan, but when I saw the roof's slope again I decided against it. Good view of the base though.

14 December 2020


While trying to find out more about bookstores, I visited Pulmujil, a social science bookstore next to Sungkyunkwan University. It's mostly textbooks, but it's sort of impressive to see.

7 December 2020


The extensive roadwork continues, shifting to the other side of the street now.

6 December 2020


After seeing Clown Core, the duo linked a few entries ago featuring two masked clowns known only as Left Clown and Right Clown, I've been calling my cats Left Cat and Right Cat. They always seem to be in that order

5 December 2020

Ho Lee Chow

Ho Lee Chow in Itaewon closed, but sometimes I consider it worth it to go all the way to the Yeouido location. There's a generous discount on takeout orders, something like 20 percent.

5 December 2020

Abandoned Office Building

Not far from the RAS Korea office, there's this office building which closed recently. It must have been more recent than November 7 during the book sale, because quite a lot of urban explorers would have passed right by this building to get there.

2 December 2020


I went back to check if this place is still open. Not only was it still there, but when I went close to the door I could hear someone working on the other side, possibly Hitler himself.

30 November 2020

Abandoned Neighbourhood

I went back to this abandoned neighbourhood, where demolition has begun. There are a lot of historic hanoks around here, most notably the one Ryan has called the "Great Japan Hanok." I spent less time down among the low-level architecture and more time trying to get up high to photograph the area and the demolition.

30 November 2020


More driving around downtown, although this time it was more objective-based. Although I didn't meet any of my objectives, at least in pictures.

29 November 2020

American Thanksgiving

There was the usual Thanksgiving this year, although with a reduced crowd. We watched videos of very drunk Americans ignoring the pandemic. We left YouTube running and went away for a few minutes, and when I came back I found a video of clowns playing weird music, and one pulled out his dick to play a keyboard with it. It was one of those Thanksgivings.

As well as ihwaju chocolates, I also brought Korean carrots which actually were a really good addition to the usual Thanksgiving foods, at least according to this crowd. And I also brought canned cranberry, only to show up and discover they already had it, thanks to me having brought one last year that went unused.

27 November 2020


After coming back from the bar, I experimented a bit more with some of the settings on my camera to see what would happen if I took pictures of the cats in low lighting. Turned out pretty good.

26 November 2020

Reggae Bar LO-OK

We went to LO-OK, the new reggae bar of Smiley, way out near Eungam Loop. It's nice, with comfortable seating, good food, and a big ground-level window. The location is a bit remote though.

26 November 2020

Ihwaju Chocolate

I ended up with a lot of ihwaju, and it's not an easy thing to give out to people, especially when everyone's trying to stay clean. So I learned how to make chocolate and put ihwaju inside. I ended up bringing them to Jeff and Trash's Thanksgiving dinner where they ended up pretty popular, at least with a few people.

24 November 2020

Christmas in Namdaemun

I stopped in Namdaemun where I go to one store for a few items. I also have some more images of the heavy roadwork in front of my office.

17 November 2020

The Streets

Just a few pictures around Seoul from running various random errands.

15 November 2020

Raccoon Dog's Home

I went back to the apartment where I'd encountered the raccoon dog. None of the animals I found this time. were animate.

15 November 2020

Millie's 15th Birthday

Millie had a pretty good 15th birthday. There was playing with toys and catnip.

14 November 2020


I took a bunch of pictures of the sunset using different white balance settings and then chose my three favourite.

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