Escape Room

This building has been closed apparently since last year.

Something about this view is familiar.

This is the way into the basement. I didn't go in because there was some flooding at the very bottom.

Random teddy bear.

Here's their social media channels. Their actual website is still up here. It isn't strictly an escape room, but more of a crime scene investigation game. They say no spoilers so it's hard to research what it was like before.

Anyway, I went upstairs instead.

Kids, always drawing on the walls.

A view of across the street.

A calendar I believe dates to May 2019.

I stuck my head out the window on the top floor. You can see the university over there.

And just buildings that way.

A descending life line.

This is when I saw the sign and decided I really needed to go back downstairs.

I jumped over the puddle and ended up here.

That door looked alarming.

Sure enough, inside was carnage.

The rest of my escape was recorded on video.

Oh yeah, also I have to add K-DVD to the K-Iceberg.

Here it uses the dash.

One more look at the building.

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