Phone Camera 1

Millie's proud of her mountain of cat food cans.

Less proud of her Seoul Dolmangchi CD (which was sent to a reader in the US).

I think I must've taken this to show the scum on the road, which isn't usually a problem for very long in Seoul's warm winters.

My caption for a post with that picture that day read "How is it -14 if the snow is already melting?" so either it wasn't that cold, or the snow was oddly melting.

Sending mail.

Probably copies of these.

Zines for sale at Kenektid X Bookstore.

Which looks like this.

I decided to see what was inside this goody bag I got at Trump Drive-in Hotel in Naju.

This ended up being sent to Canada.

Here's everything that was inside.

Including what appeared to be a Trump cock ring.

The 10 big news stories for homeless people in 2020. The text doesn't seem to be uploaded online, so I'm not going to expend the energy to translate them all.

The Fire Flower, located a few meters from the Yongsan Disaster site, as explained here. The artist never did reply.

I came home to find Millie lying in the middle of the bed. She was unhappy to surrender it.

The front and back sides of my North Korean 2000-won bills.

Millie sat on the keyboard, and Gmail recognised it as Xhosa. Still couldn't tell me what it meant.

Meal time.

I have absolutely no recollection of what this was.

Cat side.

I went to Hongdae to look in on V-Hall.

Turning into a climbing gym.

Buster started to enjoy going to RAS Korea lectures with me.

He read each word and probably thought about how he could've typed it better.

Train crossing.

An anti-pandemic bujeok at a restaurant.

She really likes writing.

Robot gimbap. For robots or made with robots?

This book was supposed to have odd pages on the left and even pages on the right, but the printer disagreed, resulting in a difficult reading experience.

Millie can do better.

But first she wants my budae jjigae.

Now she doesn't.

She wrote an essay explaining why.

I think I see the Orthodox church dome in the distance, so I'm guessing I sent this to an Orthodox friend.

After I met Luisa, I've been increasingly interested in typography. Whenever I see letters in this kind of shape, I photograph them to send her.




Millie can read.

Outside with Buster.

Food time.

She looks alarmed.

He's here to snuggle.

And go camping.

She doesn't like roughing it.

In the middle of Gwanghwamun.

Hospital quarantine stickers.

KFC meal for ghost hunters. Where's the Urban Explorer meal?

How is COVID-19 spread? According to the Seoul city government, by race. This was a notice I was shown explaining that I was required to get tested. But I waited it out until it cancelled the stupid plan.

Yes, we published that in the print newspaper. The best part is, everything to the right of the question mark is totally unnecessary.

Disinfection in the office.

So I went up to the roof.

Campaigning for Oh Se-hoon at Huam Market.

Campaigning for chicken.

Clearly the wrong side won.

Hanging out with Ryan from Camarata and his dog.

Oh crap, here comes Coetzer.

Terrifying shirt.

The cats like Chucky.

At least until I told Buster what the movie was about.

This was taken to show Ryan where I'd left an envelope of newspapers for him.

Zine collection.

Buster reads a passage from "Cats on Keyboards."

Millie read silently.

She's more eager to start writing the second one.

After voting.

Another promotional image taken for "Yangban Nation."


Added to the pile of Broke releases.

The last time flowers will ever blossom in my garden.

I met a guy in the street near here who was a bit disturbed. I suspect this graffiti is from him.

I took this picture of Marine Land in Wolgot to send to Paul, who had visited with me 10 years ago.

At Compact Smart City, there's an exhibit that shows what appears to be Jacco taking a swig from a soft drink. Oddly, last time I saw this, it was set in an earlier era dating to before the occupation.

Not sure if this crazy plan is still being considered, but you can see they appear to be planning to create a giant stadium in the area of Hanagae Beach on Muuido.

This is what's become of the empty observation deck of NEATT: a pricy hotel bar. I didn't go up.

I went to Cinder Bar instead.

A Yangban stamp.

Looks like this.


I make a brief appearance in a 70th anniversary book for the newspaper, as does a coworker of mine who was already being fired by the time this picture was taken.

My copies of Tehiun's reggae zine.

RAS Korea council meeting, the last time I saw Peter Bartholomew (left).

Signing papers.

With Bae Sue-ja.

And Betsy-Gay.

I shared some Longboat Smoker smoked salmon with my printer.

Oh yeah, I came across this closed building in Gwacheon. I never did go back. I wonder how it looks now.

There's basically an abandoned building built over top of a bank.

This was formerly an abandoned Buddhist temple.

And residence.

Over by Pimatgol. The Hanok behind the shutters is now a bakery.

How it looked inside.

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